Tintagel to Trebarwith Strand Walk


This is our idea of a stunning  North Cornwall pub walk!

You can start from Bossiney Bay coastal path, or shorten the walk and start from  Tintagel church. The church in a fantastic location, is well worth looking around and dates from the 11th century with a bronze age standing stone  in the churchyard.

The coastline between Tintagel and Trebarwith Strand gives panoramic views and takes you past the impressive  remains of the Lanterdan Quarry near the Tintagel youth hostel above Vean Hole Beach. This was once one of the largest quarries in North Cornwall producing slate from as early as the 1300’s.  Tall pinnacle stacks remain as quarrymen worked around poor quality stone. The site today is owned by the National Trust and is of geological interest for shellfish fossils and a rare mineral.



A short distance on, you get your first view of your pit stop with a short steep walk down from the coast path to the Port William pub. A great pub to fortify yourselves with some food and drink, watch the surfers and explore the beach and Gull rock  at low tide before you tackle the climb back up onto the coast path to work off your lunch. We usually follow this walk back along the coast path with a gin & tonic or  glass of wine on the lodge deck!


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